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The Pros and Cons of T-Shirt Screen Printing

Screen printing is an old and broadly utilized printing system which, today, is generally utilized for shirt printing. The procedure includes exchanging a picture from a stencil to a shirt, utilizing a screen by squeezing the screen against the material. Every photo requires an alternate screen. This strategy for printing, as different procedures, has its offer of focal points and hindrances.


• The procedure is generally basic and modest to get included in. Obviously there are propelled bits of gear you could put resources into to build your yield, you can begin with only a couple of essential materials.

• It is likely the most well-known and broadly utilized type of shirt printing.

• Produces great print. Leavers Hoodies the prints are normally both strong and clean and the strategy permits prints to be done on dim foundations (It is splendid even on dull hues).

• It is sturdy. The hues can last in any event up to two times longer than warmth exchanged plans.

• The stencils can be put away in the event that the need emerges to republish plans.

• It is an amazing strategy for printing writings and logos.

• A magnificent endeavor for large scale manufacturing and for continuing printing cost at the very least.

• Economical-this is genuine just when delivered in substantial amounts. Screen printing is in this manner not prescribed for little ventures.

• You pay less when you arrange in mass, so it is proficient to arrange in substantial volume.

• It creates some extremely proficient looking results.


• Colors are restricted and it can get entangled on occasion, when the configuration you need to print highlights various hues.

• Many shirts must be printed in the meantime and having the same shading all together for the dare to be practical.

• Can be immoderate. A few screens might need to be made for one configuration, contingent upon the quantity of hues in the outline.

• It can be a chaotic and tedious procedure.

• It is not suitable for exchanging photos. To print photos onto shirts it is ideal to utilize devoted shirt printing exchanges which are composed particularly to carry out the employment.

Shirt screen printing is more than only a way specialized method for printing your most loved outlines on a shirt; it is a masterpiece. Whether you utilize standard shirt screen printing, shirt plans by warmth exchange or direct to article of clothing shirt printing; you ought to guarantee that the technique you select is appropriate for your shirt outline, amount required, spending plan and fabric before you simply ahead and have the shirts printed.



02 March 2016

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